As part of its rapidly increasing library of original titles, Disney has announced the production of original live-action movie Godmothered.

The movie stars Isla Fisher and Jillian Bell. It’s directed by Sharon Maguire, while the screenplay is from Kari Granlund and Melissa K Stack.

Justin Springer is a producer, while Ivan Reitman, Tom Pollock, Amie Karp and Diane L. Sabatini are executive producers.

Godmothered tells the story of a young fairy godmother in training who finds out that her profession could become extinct. She decides to show the world that fairy godmothers are still needed.

She finds a letter from a 12 year old girl who is struggling, and tracks her down. The girl is now a 40 year old single mom working in Boston who lost her husband several years before.

Fairy godmother Eleanor decides to give the mom, Mackenzie, a happiness makeover, no matter what.

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