The launch of new streaming service Disney+ has been beset with plenty of strange goings-on. First there were the technical issues just hours into the US launch which saw prospective subscribers unable to connect to the network. Then there were accounts being hacked into and sold.

Now there’s the realisation that, if you type random words into the search tool on the platform, you’re at risk of bringing up some pretty obscure results. Polygon reports that, when they type in a word such as ‘basketball’ to try and jog their memory for the childhood movie they can’t quite remember the name of, some interesting films show up.

The publication reports that, while you may expect to see results such as Double Teamed – starring twin basketball players – or even High School Musical, which featured plenty of basketball scenes, this isn’t actually what comes up.

Instead, they saw titles such as Zapped, Flubber and Avatar. This seems odd at first, but it is true that for example, in Zapped, there’s a basketball scene which takes place during the culmination of the plot. With Flubber, the mixture made basketball shoes particularly bouncy. And in Avatar, basketball is briefly seen for a few seconds.

These seem to be somewhat tenuous links to basketball, though. Here’s hoping Disney Plus improves its search tool soon.

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