Today brings a huge amount of new films to enjoy, and we’ve got a guide to them all here.

Plus, we tell you how you can watch them all now – either as a PVOD title or in theaters.

Check out our picks below:


This horror film premiered at Sundance Film Festival back in January of this year.

It focuses on a company who use technology to put someone else’s mind in another person’s body, then use that person to assassinate people for the company’s gain.

The main character finds herself trapped in a man’s mind, and must struggle to retain her identity.

Possessor is in select theaters today.

Death of Me

Another suspenseful thriller, this film sees a husband and wife’s vacation go wrong when they wake up one morning with missing memories – and a video apparently implicating one of them in an impossible murder.

Death of Me is available to rent for $5.99 or buy for $9.99 on Amazon Prime Video today.

Save Yourselves!

This comedy film also premiered at Sundance Film Festival in January.

It sees a couple switch their phones off for a weekend – which means they completely miss the news of an alien invasion.

Save Yourselves! is out in select theaters today, and is available to purchase from October 6th.

A Call to Spy

A World War 2-era film, this drama is based on real events and follows a group of women trained as spies under Churchill’s orders.

The film premiered last June, but is available in the US in theaters and on PVOD today.

It stars Stana Katic, perhaps most famous for her leading role in Absentia.

A Call to Spy is available to rent for $5.99 on Amazon Prime Video today.


This sci-fi dystopia sees a future where humankind lives on artificial oxygen. Hope comes in the form of the main character Ethan, who travels into the future for a cure.

2067 is available to rent for $5.99 or buy for $19.99 on Amazon Prime Video now.

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