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Absentia season 3 premiered on Amazon Prime Video July 17th. Following the bombshell revelations of season 2 (check out our recap here), season 3 saw yet more twists and turns – but will there be a season 4? Warning for season 3 spoilers ahead!

After vanishing in the hunt for a serial killer, former FBI agent Emily Byrne (Stana Katic) must attempt to reclaim her life after her time missing left her with amnesia and declared dead in absentia. Season 3 was more high octane than its predecessors, with a plot involving a bioagent, human experiments and an international criminal organisation – and the reveal that Natasha Little’s Agent Julianne Gunnarsen was corrupt.

So far there’s been no news on Absentia season 4. Season 3 wrapped up the overall plot nicely, with Emily and her family starting a new life. Now that she’s finally safe from the threats that’ve followed her across 3 seasons, will Prime Video be plunging Emily into more drama anytime soon? It’s hard to guess, but season 3 did end with a way forward – Emily’s love interest and co-worker Cal Isaac (Matthew Le Nevez) found Emily working undercover after she sent him a postcard. The two reconcile and it’s hinted that they might work together on a new case, so there’s definitely a chance that we could be seeing Emily and Cal again.

If Prime Video did renew Absentia for a season 4, it’d likely premiere sometime around summer 2021 – though it could possibly be later with the coronavirus pandemic an ongoing disruption.

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