Every 90s kid will no doubt have heard about the hotly anticipated Fresh Prince of Bel Air reunion set to come out on HBO Max.

The show is about to celebrate its 30th anniversary, and Alfonso Ribeiro – aka Carlton Banks – has teased what will be coming up in the one-off show.

‘It was a blast kind of getting together and doing this with them. They’ve always been family. We love each other; we talk all the time. It was a wonderful time to get together and have that reunion special.

‘We did a wonderful tribute to the late great James Avery. We will take everyone on a ride, a little ride behind the scenes in terms of how we shot [the show], the impact it had on generations and the impact we had on sitcom television.

‘It’s interesting that the show is more successful after we stopped filming than what it was when we were filming. We never a top-10 show based on the ratings, but the storylines still resonate. The storylines are forever.’

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