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The latest season of sMothered is currently airing each week on TLC, and the good news is that another episode goes live tonight, Sunday, July 19. However, fans have more pressing concerns – namely, the amount of plastic surgery Mariah Caldwell may have had.

The reality star appears on the show alongside her mother, Sandra. Notably, people remember watching an episode in August 2019 which saw the 45 year old mom take her 21 year old daughter out for lip injections.

When the pair arrived at the clinic, Sandra was seen telling the surgeon she wanted to look just like her daughter, which was seen as ‘very unusual’, according to Dr Mirkia. Mariah said: ‘I’m not going to overdo it, I just like how it gives you more of a pout.’

As for other plastic surgery that Mariah may have had, Santa has said in an interview with the New York Post that ‘we got our boobs done’. Furthermore, the mom said that Mariah ‘comes to my Botox appointments’.

sMothered airs tonight, and the latest episode is called Always Watching You. Mary and Brittani are seen getting plastic surgery in this instalment. Fortunately, fans can watch the latest sMothered episodes live and on demand with fuboTV. To sweeten the deal, this streaming platform offers a seven day no obligation free trial! Check it out right here.

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