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As sMothered begins again on TLC, it’s inspired many of us to look back on previous stars.

One is Mariah Caldwell, who fans often want to find on social media.

Mariah Caldwell is on Instagram – she has over 460k followers and states in her bio that she is ‘a bad b*tch AND a great woman’. Her handle is @stayyjealous.

She appears in the show with her mother Sandra, and they do things like get lip injections and go on dates together.

Elsewhere, Kathy Crispino is another star of the show as she appears with 34 year old daughter Cristina.

Reports online reveal that her husband was Joseph Michael Crispino, who passed away aged 76 in 2019.

Another duo is Sunhe and Angela, and Sunhe has drawn criticism. A Reddit thread features a user saying ‘she is selfish and abusive.

‘Her 30 year old is SO scared of mommy she can’t even go out on a date…she gets…anxious.’

Season two of sMothered is currently airing Sundays on TLC. The episodes are also available to watch on demand on fuboTV with a seven day free trial.

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