HBO Max and Paramount TV are creating a half-hour series adaptation of novel Made for Love, which explores themes of divorce and revenge. Recent cast announcements have included Ray Romano and Cristin Milioti, plus Patrick Somerville as the showrunner. Now, Noma Dumezweni has been cast in the role of Fiffany.

Dumezweni will play Fiffany, a lovestruck marine biologist who comes up with the technology for Made For Love. The actor has appeared in London and on Broadway, notably playing Harry Potter’s Hermione Granger on stage. Now this adaptation will see her opposite Ray Romano in the half-hour piece.

Furthermore, Dumezweni has won an Olivier Award in the past for her West End performance in A Raisin In The Sun, and has also starred in Linda at the Royal Court.

Previously, Ray Romano was tapped as the main lead alongside Cristin Miloti in the tragicomic novel adaptation, based on the original work from Alissa Nutting.

The story has been described as a cynically poignant story which stars Hazel Green, a woman on the run after a suffocating marriage to Byron Gogol, a tech billionaire who is unstable, needy and possible a sociopath. She soon discovers that her husband has planted a monitoring chip in her brain which allows him to track her, watch her and know all of her thoughts and feelings.

Romano will be playing Hazel’s estranged father Herbert Green, a retired con man and widower who refuses to enter further relationships due to his fear of loss. He lives out his sunset years on a remote desert ranch with Diane, a high-end sex doll. However, his life takes a drastic turn when Hazel unexpectedly arrives on his doorstep fearing for her life.

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