Heartland is a classic family drama which first came to our screens thanks to Canadian TV network CBC. But now its available in the US, both on The CW and for streaming on demand with services such as Amazon Prime Video.

For those who want a quick recap of season 13 before they begin watching episodes again, here’s your episode guide to the instalment:

Heartland season 13

Episode One (Snakes and Ladders) – Amy and Ty begin building their home thanks to the land gifted by Jack. Their horse business is successful, but one customer ends up disgruntled after being turned away.

Episode Two (Wild One) – Amy and Jack undertake the job of rounding up wild horses for treatment. Due to Phoenix’s recovery, Georgie says she doesn’t want to train for the moment.

Episode Three (Rearview Mirror) – Jack is confronted by memories from his past, and unfortunately his family cannot figure out a way to help him deal with the painful recollections.

Episode Four (The Eye of the Storm) – There is a dangerous windstorm which has a negative impact on Hudson. How will the horses and residents cope?

Episode Five (Fairytale) – A surprise visitor shows up wanting to see Luke, but Am and Ty have reservations about the negative impact this could have on him.

Episode Six (A Time To Remember) – When Georgie is ready to graduate, she is confronted at the same time by a figure from her past who is shrouded in mystery.

Episode Seven (The Art of Trust) – An artist claims to have a traumatised horse, and wants Amy to spend some time at an art retreat to assist.

Episode Eight (Fight or Flight) – Luke is the cause of some news that Amy and Ty were not expecting, while Spartan is the subject of a distressing reality for Amy.

Episode Nine (The Passing of the Torch) – The family must band together to support each other through some dangerous times that are coming.

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