Hulu has been working on a four-part documentary about former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s life, and she has said that ‘nothing was off limits’, promising an in depth look at her life and the 2016 presidential campaign.

The former secretary of state spoke at the Winter TCA press tour on Hulu’s day by giving an interview about the documentary alongside director Nanette Burstein. She admitted that the process of filming the documentary was ‘intense’, but revealed that it didn’t start out in the way it came out.

Clinton said that the documentary was initially intended to be a more traditional campaign documentary, but Burstein wanted to create a ‘bigger story’ that was ‘part of the arc of women’s history’. Clinton added that she was ‘very impressed’ with Burstein’s work.

The documentary will launch on the streaming platform on March 6, and launches at the Sundance Film Festival before going to Berlin. It promises a close look at Clinton’s life in the public eye, as well as unprecedented personal access.

The feature includes exclusive interviews with Clinton, her husband – former President Bill Clinton – Chelsea Clinton, staff, friends and journalists. It also provides never before seen 2016 campaign footage, as well as ‘chapters’ on her life.

Clinton said that she sat for around 35 hours of interviews, and Burstein added that a number of moments before the interview properly started were included as they felt ‘genuine’. Clinton added: ‘It’s really hard watching yourself for four hours. Thank god it was only four hours.’

She also commented on the fact that the film will air ‘right in the thick of Super Tuesday’, saying: ‘You’ll have the first four contests behind. So maybe by that time the field has clarified. I think the most important message is… I am on the side of a generous, open hearted country that faces up to the future.

‘We’re in a real struggle with a form of politics that is incredibly negative, exclusive, mean spirited and it’s going to be up to every voter to recognise that this is no ordinary time. This is an election that will have such a profound impact. I want people to take their vote really seriously. Lord knows what we’ll do if we don’t retire the current president and his henchmen.’

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