Rumours have been flying around that the Hocus Pocus movie would be receiving a sequel.

Now the project is officially underway as a director has been assigned to the upcoming feature for Disney Plus.

Adam Shankman, known for his work directing Hairspray and Step Up, will be in charge of the movie.

Jen D’Angelo is the writer behind the title, and she is also the name attached to Workaholics.

Shankman is also working on Disenchanted, the sequel to Enchanted. The title is currently in pre-production, and there is no information on which project he will be working on first.

Taking to Instagram, Shankman said ‘Yep…Thanks with all of my heart dear Disney. Looks like I’l be working on a looooooottttt of magic for awhile [sic]…I feel incredibly honored and humbled to be guiding forward these two Disney crown jewel legacies.’

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