There has been fresh interest in the death of Brittany Murphy following the airing of a new documentary – Brittany Murphy: An ID Mystery.

In 2009, the actress – who is known for starring in the movies Clueless and 8 Mile – died aged 32.

The Los Angeles County coroner ruled that her death was accidental, caused by pneumonia, an iron deficiency, and ‘multiple drug intoxication’.

However, her husband Simon Monjack died just months later with a ruling that severe anemia and acute pneumonia was behind it – and people began to feel suspicious.

The program focuses on a stance that many believe ‘foul play is involved’, with Murphy’s mother Sharon interviewed and Monjack also being a partial focus.

It can currently be streamed free of charge on the Discovery ID site. For more documentaries, check out what CuriosityStream has to offer.

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