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The latest documentary which is getting people talking is Brittany Murphy: An ID Mystery, which is available to stream on Investigation Discovery.

The title explores the death of Hollywood superstar Brittany Murphy at the age of just 32, which left the world shocked.

After her cause of death was ruled – and her husband’s death came just months later – people became suspicious that foul play was involved.

The documentary sees Brittany’s father look for answers against a backdrop of allegations against various family members for the death.

When the cast of 8 Mile reunited in 2012, the talk turned to Murphy’s death in 2009. Eminem said ‘Brittany was a good girl, a super-nice girl. She was very down-to-earth, she’d talk to anybody.’

Sources say that her cause of death, which was partly linked to diabetes, was surprising – because those with type 2 diabetes are often associated with being overweight, and she was often criticised for being too thin.

A documentary in 2014 claims that Brittany was addicted to prescription drugs and lived like a recluse in a dirty Hollywood mansion. The title aired on Channel 5 in the UK, called Autopsy: The Final Hours of Brittany Murphy.

To watch Brittany Murphy: An ID Mystery documentary, you can go to the Discovery ID site, and there are more documentaries to watch with CuriosityStream.

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