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Blumhouse Television’s Into the Dark TV series streams on Hulu. The monthly horror series is in its second season and airs the tenth episode, ‘The Current Occupant’, July 17th.

An anthology series, each episode revolves around an entirely different horror premise. Each instalment is also focused on a holiday, with this month’s offering based on Independence Day. ‘The Current Occupant’ sees a man – who may or may not be the President – struggling to regain his memory and escape the psychiatric ward he’s trapped on. The episode stars Barry Watson as the amnesiac patient.

Writer and executive producer Alton Ramsay previously worked in both the Bush and Obama administrations, and this experience informed his take on the potential President. The episode’s fear factor is brought by director Julius Ramsay, who worked on TV shows The Purge, The Walking Dead and Scream: The TV Series. This month’s timely instalment is largely a psychological horror.

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