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Supernatural season 15 stopped airing its new episodes on March 23 due to the pandemic, and fans are now wondering when it will resume on the CW.

The good news is that the current plans are for the final seven episodes of season 15 to air this fall, according to a recent announcement from the network.

The series has five out of these seven episodes already filmed, with the cast set to return later in the year to finish filming.

Supernatural will have aired a whopping 327 episodes when it is complete, as the show has been on the air since 2005.

The primetime schedule will be with us in January 2021, with fan favourites including Riverdale, Nancy Drew, Batwoman and Legacies.

Currently, season 15 can be purchased via Amazon Prime Video, which is a streaming service that comes with a 30 day free trial for new subscribers.

Alternatively, reports state that most of Supernatural season 15 will land on Netflix on June 5th, 2020.

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Watch Supernatural with Amazon Prime Video now.