13 Reasons Why has become available on Netflix for its fourth season today.

The show began with the story of Hannah Baker, who took her own life after experiencing bullying, gossip and abuse from her classmates.

The fourth season looks to be the last, and plenty of fans will be binge watching over the weekend.

The full cast list for this Netflix show is below, or you can check out 4x as much content on Amazon Prime Video now.

  • Dylan Minnette – Clay Jensen
  • Katherine Langford – Hannah Baker
  • Christian Navarro – Tony Padilla
  • Alisha Boe – Jessica Davis
    Brandon Flynn – Justin Foley
  • Justin Prentice – Bryce Walker
  • Miles Heizer – Alex Standall
  • Ross Butler – Zach Dempsey
  • Devin Druid – Tyler Down
  • Amy Hargreaves – Lainie Jensen
  • Derek Luke – Kevin Porter
  • Kate Walsh – Olivia Baker
  • Brian d’Arcy James – Andy Baker
  • Grace Saif – Ani Achola
  • Brenda Strong – Nora Walker
  • Timothy Granaderos – Monty De la Cruz
  • Mark Pellegrino – Bill Standall
  • Tyler Barnhardt – Charlie St George
  • Jan Luis Castellanos – Diego Torres
  • Deaken Bluman – Winston Williams
  • Gary Sinise – Robert Ellman

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