Comedian Sam Jay makes her Netflix debut today (August 4th) with an hour long special titled Sam Jay: 3 In The Morning.

Jay has an impressive comedy track record: she previously featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live and Comedy Central Stand-Up. She also worked as a writer for SNL, which scored her two Emmy nominations and one WGA Award nomination.

In her Netflix special, Jay covers topics including her experiences as a lesbian, her reflections on the #MeToo movement and her troubles flying with her partner. The special is getting great reviews from critics so far.

On her material, Jay commented: ‘It wasn’t like, ‘I need to get an angle on #MeToo.’ This is stuff that we’re talking about. When I’m up at comedy clubs, the Cellar, and the Stand, me and a bunch of comics are arguing about the news of the day. These are the types of the arguments we’re having.’

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