We may have it in our heads that various platforms will be competing against each other in the streaming wars, but a recent alliance between Disney and NBCUniversal has proven that isn’t always the case.

The series Modern Family has always proven to be hugely popular, and instead of fighting over who gets the rights, a unique deal has resulted in both Hulu and Peacock carrying the title.

In other words, both platforms currently carry all 11 seasons, which comprise 250 episodes in total. For those using Peacock, it’s worth bearing in mind that only the first season will be available on the free tier. For the other ten seasons, a Premium subscription is required.

Those browsing with Peacock can also expect a ‘fan experience’ to be available on the platform, which follows a similar format to the content curation carried out with The Office. This means that fans can enjoy bonus content, curated collections and more.

Val Boreland, EVP of content acquisitions for the NBCUniversal Entertainment, Television & Streaming group, said: ‘Peacock is home to a massive catalog of iconic movies and shows, so a groundbreaking comedy like ‘Modern Family’ is a perfect addition and representative of the quality entertainment our free and premium customers enjoy on the service.’

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