Those who have been keeping an eye on news of nostalgic reboots in the streaming world will have been devastated to discover that the Lizzie McGuire reimagining has been cancelled at Disney Plus.

However, there is some good news as Jake Thomas, who played Lizzie’s annoying little brother Matt McGuire, has told fans about what Matt would be up to these days if the show had gone ahead.

On Instagram, Jake confirmed that the first two episodes had been filmed before the cancellation, and he shared some pictures and video from the set. He also gave some information about grown-up Matt.

‘I’m bummed you all don’t get to see how Matt grew up. He was pretty chill. Still a bit of a cocky asshole, but a good dude. Lived large. Spoke fluent Japanese. And was a total Elon Musk fanboy.’

Two short clips were shared of the actor reading a script and announcing episode two was a wrap – as well as two photos; one of a house and another of a souped up car which is presumably the one Matt would have been driving.

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