Those of us who have been obsessed with Lucifer back when it first started airing will have already binged as many episodes of season five as possible, but any excuse to find out what leading actor Tom Ellis is up to is always welcome.

While season 5B is not yet out, Ellis is planning his next move in the acting world, and he will be looking for the chance to show off his versatility by being the complete opposite of his current villain role when he moves on.

Speaking to Square Mile, he said that ‘People are going to expect one thing from me now’, although those who have been fans of him for a while will remember him as Gary Preston in Miranda as well as the classic Lucifer Morningstar.

He will be flexing his acting skills in Lucifer in the meantime though, as spoilers reveal he will be engaged in conflict with his identical twin Michael – who just so happens to also be played by Ellis. Fans can expect to see these scenes in season 5B.

As for when season 5B will drop, Ellis has expressed that he hopes for a release ‘sort of Christmas time or early next year’. Fortunately, seasons four and 5A can be watched on Netflix now, while the first three are available with an Amazon Prime Video subscription.

Lucifer was initially cancelled after three seasons due to a ‘ratings-based’ decision from Gary Newman, chairman of Fox. Ellis said to Square Mile that he was gutted, revealing: ‘It was almost like we were doing a play and they decided to end it during the interval.’

After a petition began on Twitter, called Save Lucifer, Netflix decided to answer fans’ prayers by picking up the show for seasons four and five. Ellis has said that Netflix allowed them to ‘explore areas that we may have shied away from in the past. We’ve been given a lot more license…to go to those places and not be stuck in a mould.’

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