Lucifer is a US TV series based on the DC Comics character in the Sandman series. It premiered on Fox in January 2016, but was cancelled in May 2018 after three seasons. Netflix picked up the series a month later for a fourth season, followed by a final season in June 2019.

When Lucifer came out, the first season was subject to mixed reviews, but later seasons got better feedback. People praised Tom Ellis’ performance as the main character in particular. Although ratings were low during its run on Fox, it was revived when it went over to the world of streaming.


The story opens with the Devil – called Lucifer Morningstar – feeling bored and unhappy ruling Hell. He decides to resign from his position and go to Los Angeles. While there, he runs a nightclub of his own which he calls Lux.

When Lucifer gets involved in a murder case with Detective Chloe Decker, he is invited to be a consultant to the LAPD. There are several threats which come to LA as the series goes on, and Chloe becomes a love interest for Lucifer.

Cast and characters

  • Lucifer Morningstar – Tom Ellis
  • Detective Chloe Decker – Lauren German
  • Detective Daniel ‘Dan’ Espinoza – Kevin Alejandro
  • Amenadiel – D B Woodside
  • Mazikeen – Lesley-Ann Brandt
  • Beatrice ‘Trixie’ Espinoza – Scarlett Estevez
  • Dr Linda Martin – Rachael Harris
  • Detective Malcolm Graham – Kevin Rankin
  • Charlotte Richards/Mum – Tricia Helfer
  • Ella Lopez – Aimee Garcia
  • Lieutenant Marcus Pierce/Cain – Tom Welling
  • Eve – Inbar Lavi


Season One

Episode One – Pilot

Lucifer Morningstar has retired his position as ruler of Hell and is now owner of a high-end nightclub in Los Angeles. A pop star he helped with their success is murdered right before him by a drug dealer. When the police get involved, he persuades Detective Decker to let him assist with apprehending the criminal. Meanwhile, his brother Amenadiel is pressuring him to return to Hell.

Episode Two – Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil.

Lucifer and Chloe team up again to solve a homicide. This case is a movie star’s son who suffered at the hands of a paparazzo. They were prone to creating volatile situations in order to be the first on a story.

Episode Three – The Would-Be Prince of Darkness

Lucifer persuaded a football star to lose his virginity, but when the girl he had sex with is murdered, Lucifer takes on the case to prove he is innocent.

Episode Four – Manly Whatnots

Chloe and Lucifer look into a case where a girl called Lindsay Jolson is missing after getting involved with a pick up artist. Lucifer tries to seduce Chloe in order to understand her, which slows down the investigation.

Episode Five – Sweet Kicks

Chloe is desperate for Lucifer to help her in a case which involves a former street gang member who is now an artist and high end shoe designer. Lucifer puts his life at risk, finding it thrilling to test his limits.

Episode Six – Favorite Son

A warehouse is robbed and the security guard is killed – then things become more personal for Lucifer as the stolen container is his. He and Chloe look for the villain, while Lucifer struggles with who he is. It turns out the container holds Lucifer’s wings.

Episode Seven – Wingman

Lucifer keeps looking for his wings and asks Amenadiel for help. However, he is rejected, so asks Chloe instead. Chloe asks her ex husband Dan for help in investigating a case so she can prove her hunch is right about a police officer who is in a coma.

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