It’s safe to say that Lucifer is one of the most popular TV series out there. Although there is still quite a wait to go until season 6 is out, we have gathered together as much information as we can about the upcoming instalment of this show.

For those not in the know, Lucifer is a show which stars Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar. Bored with his role as the ruler of Hell, he goes to Earth and opens a nightclub called Lux. Before too long, he is involved with murder cases with a detective called Chloe Decker.

When will season 6 of Lucifer come out on Netflix?

While we don’t know too much about season 6 of Lucifer, there are a few details we can fill you in on. For example, at the end of February 2020 it was revealed that both Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich would be signing on for a further season. Fan’s hopes were then dashed as Tom Ellis had his contract negotiations struggle, but May 2020 saw the happy update that he would be back on board in the main role. 

Will there be another season of Lucifer?

The only bad news which comes with the upcoming release of season 6 is the fact that it will be the final season. In February 2020, Netflix were speaking with Warner Brothers Television about extending the show. The results were mixed – June 23 saw fans rejoice to discover that season six would be hitting their streaming screens at some point, but the joy was bittersweet as the final episode of this season will be the final episode EVER.

Season 6 spoilers and fan theories

Two new actors will be coming to the sixth and final season of Lucifer – Chris Coy is playing Alan, while Rob Zabrecky is playing Horace Goldfinger. What’s more, Scott Porter confirmed in September 2020 that he would be in both season 5b and season 6. 

We also know that there will be 10 episodes in season 6, and there is still season 5b set to go as of October 2020. 

Lucifer season 6 cast

So far we know that the following people have been confirmed as members of the cast for Lucifer season 6:

  • Tom Ellis – Lucifer Morningstar
  • Lauren German – Chloe Decker
  • Lesley-Ann Brandt – Maze
  • Rachael Harris – Linda Martin
  • Aimee Garcia – Ella Lopez
  • Kevin Alejandro – Dan Espinoza
  • Scarlett Estevez – Trixie Espinoza
  • D.B. Woodside – Amenadiel

Is there a trailer for season 6?

Some may believe there is a season 6 trailer on YouTube after looking it up. However, at the time of writing, there are not any official trailers out just yet. This is most likely because the season is still in the filming stages, so promotional trailers are probably not on the radar just yet. However, a number of fans have put together recaps of their favourite moments from previous seasons, so those wanting to look back over previous seasons can watch the fan made videos while they wait for the official teaser.

Season 5 recap – what happened?

Season 5 saw Chloe dealing with the aftermath of discovering Lucifer’s true identity and having him go back to Hell. Meanwhile, his twin brother Michael shows up and things go downhill so rapidly that Lucifer is forced to come back from Hell to sort it out. While Ella has good luck, Maze struggles with an existential crisis.

Where is Lucifer filmed?

Lucifer was initially filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, with production moving to Los Angeles, California, in the third season.

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