The next instalment of Lucifer should be with us soon, and fans are excited to watch season 5B now that pandemic restrictions are being navigated and production is in full swing.

Those on the set have been enjoying sharing some sneak previews of what’s coming up, and there are also some spoilers to get updated on the scenes which will be on our screens in no time at all.

According to ET, Aimee Garcia has revealed the latest character is God, saying ‘His presence has been looming for five years…Lucifer has all these daddy issues, so even though we’ve never met Him, you definitely feel like His presence is there.

‘You finally meet the guy who is making the Devil insecure for the first time ever…what’s so beautiful about His intro is that it’s a very relatable one.’

So who is playing God? Dennis Haysbert is the one chosen for the role, using his baritone voice to tell Lucifer, Amenadiel and Michael ‘Children, you know I hate it when you fight’ during the final 2020 episode (season five, episode 8).

The current seasons of Lucifer can be streamed on Netflix now. Meanwhile, while there is no confirmed release date for season 5B at the time of writing, they began filming again in September and only had a little left, so perhaps we can expect new episodes in the next few months?

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