Netflix managed to add over 8.28 million subscribers to their channel in Q4. Their current total is 221.84 million and this is a yearly increase of around 16%. Netflix anticipated that they would have a jump of around 8.5 million subscribers in the fourth quarter, but this data means that they have missed their subscription targets 3 times in the last six quarters.

The data does look positive, as the company managed to add around 1.19 million new accounts to their US and Canada database. That said, the most growth came from international users. 3.54 million people came from EMEA, with 2.58 million coming from the APAC region. LATAM data was also documented, with 1 million accounts being added.

Netflix expects to add around 2.5 million accounts in the first quarter of 2022. They stated that increased competition is the reason why their growth isn’t as high as in other years.

Netflix also raised their prices for all new subscribers in the US, with the prices going up for viewers from Canada as well. The price is $15.49 a month, with the 4K package being $20. The basic plan comes to $1 more than the standard price. Existing subscribers can expect to see their prices rise to this over time.

Netflix also announced a big price change in India. Their mobile-only plan was pushed to $1.96 and the basic plan dropped by 60%. It was originally $6.57 but now it is $2.62. The standard plan is $6.57 and the cost for the premium is $10.59.

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