The adult animated comedy Tigra & Dazzler from Marvel is subject to creative differences ahead of its launch on Hulu, according to reports.

The showrunner for the show – Erica Rivinoja – along with the entire writing staff, have been removed after differences of opinion regarding the direction of the show arose with Marvel.

Reports state that Rivinoja and the team of staff had produced multiple scripts, along with outlines for others. Furthermore, they were ¾ of the way into a 20 week production cycle.

While production is paused, Marvel is planning to source a new showrunner who will then build their own writing team as part of a huge makeover for the creative background.

What’s more, Rivinoja and her team’s work is being scrapped. The good news is that Hulu and Marvel remain committed to the show, despite the fact they declined to comment.

Tigra & Dazzler has been described as a story about two ‘woke’ superheroes who are also best friends. They fight to gain recognition in a big sea comprising 8 million others with powers.

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