The release date for My Hero Academia season 5 has been a query on fans’ lips for weeks now, and fortunately the answer is finally here as a brand new trailer has just made its debut online.

The fourth season of the hit anime – which has spawned a fan base of millions across the globe – ended in April, and since then people have wanted to know if more episodes would be coming out.

Initially, rumours were circulating on social media that a fifth season would be landing in early 2021, but nothing was known for certain. Now, though, the new trailer reveals all the answers.

It has been concluded by fans that the fifth season is likely to come out in the first week of April 2021, as this is the pattern that three previous seasons followed. However, others believe there could be a season 5A and 5B, with the latter coming out in late July 2021.

Until then, fans can definitely bookmark April 2021 as the month they can expect the next instalment. The new trailer can be watched on YouTube here.

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