NBCUniversal and Starz have announced a new deal which will enable them to stream content from each others’ platforms. The agreement will allow NBC’s upcoming Peacock streaming service to provide a fresh branch of shows and movies to subscribers from Starz, which Lionsgate owns.

As the agreement goes both ways, Starz will also be gaining access to content from NBCUniversal. There is not currently any information on the finances which backed the agreement, and there aren’t any details on which shows and movies Peacock will be providing customers from its launch in April 2020. However, we do know that Lionsgate has produced films such as The Hunger Games, which are sure to provide appeal to fans.

Before this agreement was made, NBC was already building out an enviable library of content for Peacock. The streamer will offer over 15,000 hours of shows and movies from NBC, which includes originals such as a reboot of Saved By The Bell and older popular series such as The Office (from 2021) and Cheers.

Dana Strong, Comcast Cable’s president of consumer services, said: ‘We are pleased that we were able to extend the partnership to Peacock and other businesses within Comcast while also ensuring Xfinity customers continue to enjoy great Starz programming.’

Starz President and CEO Jeffrey Hirsch said: ‘We look forward to continuing our longstanding partnership with Comcast to deliver great content and great value to our customers. Our ongoing relationship with Comcast reflects our ability to unlock opportunities across all of our businesses to the benefit of our subscribers.’

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