Netflix is a go-to resource for original TV shows and movies, and now the streaming platform is using the topic of social media as the premise for its latest feature.

Clickbait is a series comprising eight episodes that stars Zoe Kazan, Adrian Grenier, Phoenix Raei and Betty Gabriel. It is currently filming in Melbourne, Australia, and was created by Tony Ayres and Christian White.

The series looks at the ways social media can be used to satisfy impulses which can become uncontrolled and dangerous, as well as the growing dissonance between personas presented online versus in person.

Kazan plays Pia Brewer, an Oakland woman who searches for her missing brother in events which are soon swept up into a viral trend. Gabriel plays Sophie Brewer, another Oakland resident who tries to keep her family united during the media storm.

Grenier plays Nick Brewer, a man with a life which looks perfect on the surface – however, he finds himself entangled in the case. Raei plays Detective Roshir Amin, who investigates the missing person case at the eye of the storm.

This project is the first Netflix original to be filmed in Victoria, and it has received funding from both the state and federal governments.

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