Those who have been keeping up with the latest news about The Ranch on Netflix will know that the trailer for Part 8 is here. Regrettably, the death of one of the characters has been revealed in the preview.

The end of Part 7 saw Nick – Mary’s ex-husband – confronted in his trailer, yelling out before a gunshot rang out. His death has been confirmed in the Part 8 trailer, as we hear Mary tell someone ‘They just arrested Luke for killing Nick’.

Luke is the cousin of the Bennett family, who married Mary in Part 7. He was one of the people who hurried to Nick’s place on the night of his death. Beau and Colt also wanted to confront Nick due to all he had done to Mary. Furthermore, they blamed him for the disappearance of Rooster Bennett, now presumed dead.

We don’t know the full details of what went down in Nick’s trailer, but presumably at least some of this information will be revealed once Part 8 is out. We at least know that law enforcement believe Luke is behind the crime. He isn’t shown in the trailer, but we do see a hand surrendering to the cops.

Other parts of the trailer reveal that the Bennett family is leaving their longtime home, the Iron River Ranch. Also, the matriarch of the clan – Maggie – makes a brief appearance back in town, saying she wants to permanently move to Florida. Finally, while Beau and Abby seem to be getting along better, there appears to be trouble on the horizon between Beau and Lisa Neumann in the form of a lawsuit.


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