When the new streaming service Peacock was first launched, people were generally annoyed that Roku was not on the list of compatible devices. This is understandable, as many homes across the US have this streaming hardware.

However, there is good news ahead for those who have both Peacock and Roku as Comcast has now reached an agreement with the hardware provider. A spokesperson for Roku said: ‘We are pleased to have reached an agreement with Comcast that will bring Peacock to Roku customers and maintains access to NBCU’s TV Everywhere apps.’

The news comes after an ongoing dispute between Comcast and Roku, as there were a number of NBCUniversal apps which had their future in jeopardy. This was because Comcast had decided to pull a number of the TV Everywhere channels for NBC from Roku.

The content which was affected included channels such as Bravo, E!, Syfy, NBC and USA. A spokesperson for Roku told The Verge: ‘Comcast is removing the channels in order to try to force Roku to distribute its new Peacock service on unreasonable terms.’

Roku and Comcast had been feuding over their deal, which largely concerned advertising inventory. As the channel controlled 70 percent of the ad inventory, with Roku controlling the rest, offers suggested by both sides were not agreed on until recently.

It is expected among Roku users that they should be able to use the hardware to load up Peacock and stream content following the same steps they would carry out for other streaming apps.

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