Upcoming streaming service Peacock finally has a solid release date and pricing structure. The platform will roll out on July 15, and there will be an option to use the service for free with advertising.

With this option, however, there is a limited library. To unlock the Premium version of the service, there is an option to pay either $5 a month to stream with advertising, or $10 to watch content without ads.

The option to sign up for a streaming service completely free of charge makes Peacock stand out in the market compared to major services such as Netflix and Disney Plus.

By avoiding an additional subscription fee for consumers amidst a rapidly growing sea of options, Comcast’s NBC is hoping to generate revenue from ads placed among top shows such as The Office and Parks and Recreation.

Another perk will be found for those who are already Comcast or Cox customers, as they will be able to watch with an ad-supported Premium membership for free – or pay only $5 for the ad-free version.

Furthermore, those who are Comcast customers will be able to start using the platform three months early. Peacock will launch on April 15 for Comcast Xfinity X1 cable customers and those signed up for Flex.

International expansion is on the radar, but there isn’t currently a specific timeline planned.

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