Roku is planning on expanding its growth beyond a market expansion into Europe, as they are also hoping to get more subscribers onto the streaming service. In other words, they are looking to get people purchasing premium subscription add-ons by enticing them with free episodes.

The service is offering free episodes from original series which come with add-ons such as Showtime, Dove Channel, Acorn TV, History Vault and Epix. It’s now possible for users to view series such as Godfather of Harlem for the first few episodes without the need to sign up or activate a free trial.

Furthermore, those who want to sign up for a premium subscription can now use one click sign up in order to manage all of the billing for their subscription services in one place.

The Roku Channel is facing increased competition from other companies entering the streaming market. However, analysts say that despite a turbulent year for its stock, Roku is set to grow along with the growth of other companies due to the fact it is a hub for multiple streaming services to be managed.

Earlier in 2019, Roku set up premium subscriptions with the Roku Channel. At the beginning, they had over 25 partners, and this number has now gone up to over 40.

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