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As classic series like Friends and The Big Bang Theory become available on new streaming service HBO Max from May 27, 2020, one of the shows people are getting interested in again is The Sopranos.

While people revisit the cast who make up the iconic show, one question on everyone’s lips is whether Tony Soprano died in real life. The sad news is that Sopranos star James Gandolfini died suddenly at the age of 51 in Italy in June 2013.

He was known as the therapy seeking mob boss Tony Soprano, who had both a family life and mafia boss dealings to juggle.

Gandolfini had been in Italy to attend the Taormina film festival in Sicily when he tragically passed away.

Edie Falco, who plays his on-screen wife Carmela, said at the time: ‘I am shocked and devastated by Jim’s passing. He was a man of tremendous depth and sensitivity, with a kindness and generosity beyond words. I consider myself very lucky to have spent 10 years as his close colleague.

‘My heart goes out to his family. As those of us in his pretend one hold on to the memories of our intense and beautiful time together. The love between Tony and Carmela was one of the greatest I’ve ever known.’

The Sopranos episodes will be available to stream on HBO Max from May 27. Alternatively, they are also available on Amazon Prime Video with the HBO channel as part of a seven day free trial.

Watch The Sopranos free on Amazon Prime Video now.