Star Trek: Picard has had Brent Spiner appear as Data in its first episode, and now it looks like he is appearing in another cameo in Episode 9.

The actor shows up again as Dr Altan Inigo Soong, who is the son of Dr Noonian Soong. Soong appeared occasionally in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Those who have only watched Picard and aren’t in the loop about previous Star Trek seasons should know that Soong is the creator of Data.

This means that Altan is Data’s brother. Technically, he would be his half brother, as Altan’s mother is presumably Juliana Soong. Meanwhile, Data’s mother is Juliana Tainer (the android copy of the human Jualia).

The episode is streaming now on CBS All Access, and from March 20 on Amazon Prime Video. It is called Et In Arcadio Ego Pt 1.

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