The Mandalorian is a pull for anyone into Star Wars, so when a trailer for season two dropped on YouTube it quickly started trending.

However, all was not as it seemed, as those who watched season one immediately recognised clips from these episodes.

A VoiceOver from Moff Gideon began alluding to the fact that the Child isn’t what he appears to be – and then the Mandalorian said things have gotten out of hand.

Turning to Baby Yoda, now a teenager, the Mandalorian said he couldn’t stay with him anymore because he couldn’t smoke in the Razor Crest.

The teenage Yoda is then seen with space drugs, space Doritos and a Teenage Groot statue, ignoring his adopted father.

The video was uploaded on 20th April, also known as 420 Day – an unofficial celebration of cannabis using the code term in that culture for consuming it.

The video is available to watch now on YouTube from IGN, with a pinned comment saying ‘If you were upset by this video, might I advise you to, uh, “celebrate” the holiday, wait half an hour, watch it again and let us know how you feel about it after that.’

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