Pretty much anyone who has kids will know about Trolls World Tour, also known as Trolls 2. However, one person has reacted to the movie’s release by banning all future films from Universal in all AMC theatres.

AMC boss Adam Aron has said that Universal films will no longer air in its 1000 cinemas across the globe after an announcement from the studio that new movies would now be released both at home and in cinemas.

In light of NBCUniversal commenting that Trolls World Tour performed well despite only being available to stream online, the news will be disconcerting for those in the cinema industry.

With cinemas closed due to Covid-19, the movie was released as a PVOD – or Premium Video On Demand – on platforms such as Amazon Prime Video.

The film has reportedly generated sales of almost $100m, and cinema industry fears are that this change in consumer habits will lead to fewer people visiting the big screen in the future.

Trolls World Tour is available for streaming now as an online purchase from Amazon Prime Video. The streaming service is also available with a 30 day free trial.

Watch Trolls World Tour on Amazon now.