Watch the first two seasons of American Gods on Starz now.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the third season of American Gods – the popular fantasy series from Ian McShane.

The series focuses on the gods transferred to America by immigrants, with deities including Ancient Egyptian gods and Slavic beings.

The deities had previously been forgotten about, but now that new ones arrive, they begin to take them on, with battle scenes unfolding.

The second season of American Gods was released in March 2019, which means fans could have reasonably expected it to arrive at around the same time this year.

However, it has not yet materialised, and it’s possible the coronavirus pandemic could have impacted production with delays. There is also no trailer at the time of writing.

Essentially, it looks like fans will be nagging the names surrounding American Gods for an update once the lockdown measures lift. In the meantime, you can watch a huge range of similar titles on Starz, the home of this iconic series.

Check out the first two seasons of American Gods with Starz today.