Parker is easily one of the more controversial stars to appear on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, and fans were confused in the trailer when the deckhand was seen asking ‘Do you think it’s funny that I’m still breastfed by my mother?’

The joke appears to have started a few episodes prior, when Jenna said to Parker ‘There have been times that I’ve referenced your mom breastfeeding you’ and the pair laughed together.

Following this strange exchange, a subsequent episode saw Parker pose for a photo breastfeeding from Jenna during their free time. However, this odd joke almost led to Parker being fired.

When the deckhand wasn’t happy about raking rocks, he didn’t like Jenna telling him he was confrontational. He commented in his interview that she needed to ‘check herself’ as she was the one who talked about him being breastfed by his mother.

Later, he spoke to Paget and was told he needed to ‘listen to what me and Jenna say’. When Parker brought up the breastfeeding comment again, Paget asked what the reference was about and Parker explained its origins.

‘Do you think it’s funny that I’m still breastfed by my mother, do you think that’s funny?’ Paget admitted that it was ‘a little bit’ funny, to which Parker simply replied ‘Alright, well fuck you then’.

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