There is a streaming service on the horizon which isn’t from a place you’d suspect – in this case, it’s a cell phone network staking its claim in the streaming industry.

In recent weeks, it has been reported that T-Mobile is teaming up with MobiTV to create a pay TV service which would come in the form of an app.

MobiTV is a service which creates streaming video technology for pay TV operators. In the past, T-Mobile bought a tech platform called TVision, which is what is being remodelled for the platform.

In the meantime, T-Mobile has been working hard to drum up awareness of its capabilities for unlimited wireless access.

The Netflix on Us campaign provides unlimited family plans – and the Quibi on Us promotion adds on this service.

T-Mobile revealed on the site for its pay TV service, TVision: ‘We’re getting ready for a world where 5G replaces home broadband and TVision Home will replace your cable TV — and launching a complete, high-end home TV service is a key part of that strategy.’

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