Outer Banks on Netflix has proven to be hugely popular with streaming fans, who are enjoying watching a group of teens called Pogues try to locate some mysterious treasure.

The show features a host of new faces such as Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes, with the mystery of John B’s father proving a pull for all.

Now people want to know if there will be a season 2 of the show, so they can find out what happens next for John B, JJ, Pope, Topper, Kiara and Sarah.

Right now, there’s no clear indication that the show will be renewed, but if it is, it will likely follow the same filming pattern.

Chase Stokes indicated on Instagram that the first season began filming in April 2019 and ended in October that year, with the show airing from April 2020.

This means we could expect filming to take place this year, with an air date in spring 2020, but with the coronavirus pandemic halting all production efforts, it’s likely a delay will be in place.

Other news reveals that Amazon Prime Video has been working hard behind the scenes to build up a massive movie and TV library.

As they’re aware of how much fans enjoy streaming series like Outer Banks, the platform is now providing subscribers with the best value for money with its standalone service priced at just $8.99 a month.

Furthermore, the platform now has over 14,000 movies – which is three times as many as competitors like Netflix!

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