Outer Banks is known by some as a new Netflix series which has recently dropped, proving popular with its viewers.

However, the Outer Banks were originally a location in North Carolina – to be exact, a string of barrier islands and spits measuring 200 miles.

Covering most of the coastline in North Carolina, they are near this area and southeastern Virginia.

The area is known for having a large expanse of open beachfront, and there are four campgrounds open to visitors on the Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

A large number of shipwrecks have taken place on the dangerous seas off the Outer Banks, which has given them the nickname Graveyard of the Atlantic.

As for the Netflix series, Wilmington Star-News reports that it was filmed in Charleston – a location in South Carolina, roughly eight hours away from the place it’s named after.

The same report indicates that series creator Jonas Pate wants to film in Wilmington, a town in North Carolina, but they relocated due to the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act which prohibits people who are transgender from using bathrooms and locker rooms matching their gender identity in schools and government buildings.

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