The third season of Star Trek Discovery officially begins airing on CBS today, and fans are excited for the latest installment focusing on those on board the USS Discovery.

The new season has 13 episodes in total, with the final air date set to be January 27, 2021. What’s more, there has been a fourth season officially announced this month.

The events in Star Trek Discovery take place over 900 years after those in the original series. The second season ended with the ship going into the future, which would let them explore storylines in a whole new time period.

Filming took place between July 2019 and February 2020, so there is no need to worry about pandemic-related delays causing any issues with the release of episodes for this season.

Star Trek Discovery can be streamed live on CBS or on demand with CBS All Access. Scenes seen on the show were filmed either in Toronto, Canada or on location in Iceland.

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