Fans of CBS show FBI recently saw the season finale air on March 31, which was a few weeks earlier than previously planned.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the show ended three episodes early, finishing on episode 19. This means that viewers want to know when – and if – there will be more to watch.

CBS has not yet renewed FBI for a third season, but as there are already written episodes it’s possible that at least a few more will come out at a later date.

While the lack of renewal may be worrying for fans, the current upheaval with TV shows may be behind it. PrecinctTV has reported that the show is the second most watched drama – with NCIS in the top slot.

Furthermore, Deadline has reported that another spin-off could be in the works from CBS for the next TV season. Regardless, if there will be a new season and it would air in September again, filming would need to begin in June or July.

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