Caution: This article contains spoilers

Ozark season 3 has recently dropped on Netflix, and fans are already keen to know when season 4 will come out.

The latest season was released on March 27, and as it was given approval in October 2018, there could be a wait for the next instalment.

The third season ended in a dramatic fashion after crime lord Navarro shot Helen Pierce dead, with Navarro embracing Marty and Wendy before saying this was only the beginning of their partnership.

Showrunner Chris Mundy spoke to Indiewire about Helen’s death, saying: ‘As good as Helen is, there’s other lawyers in the world.

‘But Wendy and Marty have now pulled off two impossibilities for [Navarro]. One is getting a casino to launder through in the first place, which is sort of the holy grail of money laundering.

‘And the second is that, at least in Navarro’s mind, their claim that they have the FBI on their side and can swing the power of the U.S. government in the intervention in the drug war against their rivals, that’s something virtually no one else can do, and that essentially tipped the scales for Marty and Wendy.’

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