Fans of Sister Act have recently been overjoyed to discover that there is a third movie in the works, almost three decades after the second one came out.

With the news that Whoopi Goldberg will be reprising her role as Deloris Wilson, and that the movie will come out on Disney+, here’s everything you need to know.

When will Sister Act 3 come out on Disney Plus?

As this project is so hot off the press, all we know so far is that it exists and it will make its debut on the streaming platform.

There were a number of new live-action projects announced during Disney’s Investor Day webcast, and this was one of them – so there is not a release date just yet. Watch this space!

Will there be another Sister Act movie?

We’re sure Disney has not thought far enough into the future to contemplate a Sister Act 4 just yet, but if Sister Act 3 does well for the relatively new streaming platform, who knows? The sky is the limit!

Sister Act 3 spoilers and fan theories

What we know currently is that the script is being worked on by Regina Hicks and Karin Gist – but this is fairly old news, as rumours were circulating back in 2018.

While fans are still eagerly awaiting details on the new storyline, many are hoping Deloris takes on the transformation of another choir in her trademark and unique way.

Sister Act 3 cast

There is not too much information just yet about the cast of Sister Act 3, but some would argue the only important details has been confirmed – Whoopi Goldberg is returning as Deloris Wilson.

The news was first hinted at earlier in the year, when she spoke with James Corden from The Late Late Show about how she had been working hard to reunite the cast for a sequel.

Is there a trailer for Sister Act 3?

It’s likely that Disney will release a trailer for Sister Act 3 in the months preceding its release, so the bad news is we cannot see any hints about what’s coming up just yet.

Sister Act 2 recap – what happened?

The original Sister Act movie focused on Deloris being forced into witness protection after witnessing a murder, leaving her job as a lounge singer behind.

When she was placed in a convent and disguised as a nun, she made the best of the situation by making friends with the other nuns and transforming the choir with show stopping gospel performances.

Sister Act 2 focused on Deloris transforming the rambunctious students at St Francis Academy, making them a top notch choir.

Where is Sister Act 3 filmed?

The filming location for Sister Act 3 will depend on the storyline and what Whoopi Goldberg will be up to. The first movie was filmed at St Paul’s Catholic Church in Noe Valley, San Francisco, and Sister Act 2 also took place in this city.

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