There is a new space-themed series coming soon to Netflix called Space Force, and it has been co-created by Steve Carrell.

Other big names you can expect to see include John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, Jimmy O. Yang, Diana Silvers and Lisa Kudrow. The show is the product of both Carell and Greg Daniels (of The Office).

Carell also stars in the show as a general called Mark Naird who wants to run the Air Force, but must instead lead a new Space Force.

The show is a spoof of the real-life US Space Force, which recently launched its first satellite. Vice President Mike Pence said in the past that it would be led by a four star general.

Trump admitted that the idea to form another branch of the military dedicated to space was a joke to begin with. However, Space Force on Netflix is now as real as the actual branch, and it’s out on May 29th.

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