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Home-made masks and life in lockdown for the Duggar family are explored in the sneak peek of Season 11 of Counting On, premiering on TLC tonight at 8pm.

Pregnancies and fresh romances are new possibilities on Season 11 of Counting On, yet the first episode airing tonight will be highlighting the impact of COVID-19 on the Duggar family. In particular, the episode will explore how being away from the rest of their family has affected them.

The sneak peek of Counting On’s first episode of Season 11 broadcasted on Monday. It depicted the Duggar girls helping to prevent the spread of the virus by sewing cloth masks to protect their family members and maintaining social distancing rules.

Despite the pandemic, the Duggar family are keeping their family bonds tightknit by making use of technology, as the sneak peek demonstrates them using video chat to keep in contact.

The first episode of the new season can be streamed via fuboTV, with episodes available on demand and live. There is also a seven day free trial, so there’s no need to spend a dime.

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