Fans have been wondering if Jack Dalton from MacGyver is dead for a few years now, as he made a final appearance on the show – and then disappeared.

However, an episode of the CBS show recently revealed some more information on the story behind this character, played by George Eads.

MacGyver finds out why Jack disappeared a few years ago, with the story being that he went undercover as someone called Ozzie Ulrich.

He was hunting for Tiberius Kovac, known as the world’s most dangerous terrorist, and unfortunately died during his mission.

Eads left the show back in season 3 due to rumors that he wanted to spend more of his time on the West Coast – and MacGyver is filmed in Atlanta, Georgia.

He was let out of his contract, which is unusual as many actors who sign up for a major network show will typically be tied in for roughly six years.

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