Amazon Prime Video has recently revealed they are offering free children’s programs during the coronavirus outbreak, so that kids at home can stay entertained and give parents a break.

With this in mind, here are some of our top picks for shows to check out, from Paw Patrol to Fireman Sam:

Octonauts – A team of explorers living underwater work together to dive into new worlds and protect the ocean. They live in a home base called the Octopod and are led by Captain Barnacles the bear. Watch Octonauts here.

Paw Patrol – A boy called Ryder is in charge of a team of search and rescue dogs called the Paw Patrol. They take on missions to protect those living in Adventure Bay. Watch Paw Patrol here.

Tom & Jerry – The classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon created in 1940 focuses on a cat called Tom and a mouse called Jerry as their rivalry takes them on various adventures. Watch Tom & Jerry here.

Fireman Sam – The animated series follows a firefighter called Sam and his friends as they take on challenges in the Welsh village of Pontypandy. Sam is a hero who battles all the fires which break out. Watch Fireman Sam here.

Peppa Pig – Peppa is a preschool-aged pig who is full of energy and goes on lots of adventures with her animal friends. Each of her friends is a different animal, and she has a younger brother called George. Watch Peppa Pig here.

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