Last Saturday (August 22nd) saw the virtual convention DC FanDome unveil plenty of exciting exclusives about upcoming DC projects.

One of the films showcased was director James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, set for release August 6th, 2021. We were treated to a rundown of the cast and their characters, as well as a sneak peek at the movie in the form of a behind the scenes video.

However, not much about the plot was revealed – while we know courtesy of producer Peter Safran that the film is in the style of ‘a gritty 1970s war movie’, and that we’ll be seeing Viola Davis’s Amanda Waller once again in control of the titular villain/anti-hero group, we still haven’t found out who the Squad will be going up against in the movie.

But, eagle eyed viewers have spotted what might be a clue in the behind the scenes footage.

In one shot (pictured above), what looks like a starfish can be seen latched onto a person’s face. This points to the villain Starro the Conquerer.

Starro, usually a Justice League villain, is an alien starfish. He’s typically motivated by a desire to take over the universe, and one of his tactics is using smaller clones of himself that fasten onto people’s faces – which allows them to take control of their minds.

Some outlets reported that Starro would be the villain of the film prior to the FanDome panel, so this theory could turn out to have some credence.

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